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Location Specific lag

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I don't think this is a bug within the mods, but I've been getting location specific lag. Ive been playing Tekkit SSP to get a few mechanic things down before I build them on a server. I'm not sure if this is an issue running Tekkit in SSP but, Anytime i pass over x-736 to x-737 i get a massive lag spike. This only seems to happen right in the middle of my base. Anywhere else I go, no problems...just right there.

Things I have considered...

Graphics issue (set all graphics to the lowest)

Graphics drivers (updated graphic drivers)

Not enough RAM (allocated more to MC)

Problem with Tekkit download (redownloaded)

Problem with Tekkit launcher version (got newest version)

on a chunk boundry? (I understand that's ever 512 blocks)

Problem with the mechanics (moved all mechanics)

too many boxes (moved all the boxes)

problem with my derpy wheat farm (took the farm down)

crazy amount of mobs in caves (lit up all the caves, used the entities radar to be sure)

too many passive mobs in the farms *not in pic* (killed them all)

and just to be sure, took down all the redstone stuff everywhere

...I'm stumped

Ive tried to search a few things on the forums and on google, but the trouble is what to search? Im sure this is in the wrong place, and if it is I'm glad to repost. I'm including a picture hopefully to be clear.


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Try changing the range of chunks loaded. My first guess would be that a chunk loading/unloading might be doing it.

Alternatively try deleting the chunk you lag in with a tool. There might be some kind of wierdness.

Finaly, the on;ly thing that caused me problems on large scale was a /huge/ amount of dropped blocks. But that normaly has a longer range.

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