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  1. Plus, if your gun is big enough, you'll trash the spawn area so much they'll not be able to escape Building a small bomber that flys around near wold hight and drops nukes would be pritty obnoxious. Espeaclly if you write it in such a way that it changes position randomly, and the only time you can know it's position is when it is at it's target Honestly, robots and frame machines are probably the deadlyest. Infinate range, computer controlled, massive destruction potential. But thats presuming the EE tools are meele weapons.
  2. A frame based, auto-reloading multishot nuke gatling, possably using jump tracks to launch them even further. If possable
  3. Frankly, if you allow so much as the transmutation tablet in EE, your not going to have an econermy that even resembles working, less people are heavy on roleplay and don't touch it. (turn anything into iorn, make credits in mass, automate it exponentialy) You can't automate 128 stacks of credits via a trade-o-mat anyway, just use an econermy plugin, scrap the credits, and then currency can be both non-duplicatable and available from mob kills e.t.c.
  4. You would be /much/ better off just using a /money type plugin in that case. Since the chest-o-mat caps at 64. Set up an admin shop, problem solved. Though having EE and an item based econ is not really possable. If ee can make it, then it's going to become trivial to make. Also, getting a collector naturally isn't a long process. So if you try to make them difficult to get by credits, people will just make them.
  5. Redpower2 by far. Most of buildcraft, miroblocks, faster furnaces. <3 it gives the biggest bang for buck. But Thum would be a close contender.
  6. .....Did it not occur to you to download tekkit and see if it runs?
  7. Oh, Eternal density. Derp. Completely overlooked it. That would make anything less effective then that something you could objectivly call not an exploit.
  8. That still isn't automated, requiring human input, and still has nothing to do with anything. Seriously people. Exploits between diffrent mods are common, almost all of them unintended. Any combination of two mods results in a ballance issue not planed for by the mod authours. If you allow them arbitarally, don't waste 1000s of words trying to justify it, just be arbitary about it and skip the justifications.
  9. If UU matter is something I seriously consider disabling (other the perhaps for the armour). I found disabling compact solars worked pritty well for discouraging the exponential nature of it. But you always reach that point where UU matter replaces mining eventually.
  10. Calling it a glitch doesn't make it a glitch. It could easly be called an exploit, but there is nothing there that is a 'glitch'. The general rule, for EMC, is if you have access to it, you can make a **** tonne of it. If all else fails, create mobile IC2 miners, world anchors and RP2 frames and enderchests to just strip the world of all resources. Or if you have no EE2 period, create a giant RP2 inchworm engine giant block breaker bore and run it along the y = 6 level or so.
  11. I'd say disabling crafting the tools is your best bet. Anything more then that and you might as well make a custom modpack
  12. I think the point the wiki was making was before you could use more then 4 cables, getting the most panels per batbox area and limited length ment a lot of flowerlike designs unless you went with a lot of batboxes. Most of the ones you have there were flower/like/. They have always been a few better designs though. Not sure why people still make em though, Theres days you have up to 40 length, really cheap tin cables, so it matters naught. And no, packets don't go into the decimals in the case of solar panels. Every panel will send 1 or 0. the maximum potential area Is whatever 2D area you can get within 4 cable length of a batbox (if you use one batbox). That would be 61 panels if i counted right.
  13. OmegaJasam

    New Mods!

    You mean those battle axes, which do enough damage to make reason shovels/axes as well as swords, and have knockback. Used them quite a bit when they were in tekkit.
  14. Firstly, it takes more then coal. Secondly it's the /only/ item that becomes diamonds, and is a balancing item to counter the randomness of diamonds stonewalling you. It's not just about the math. The balance problem becomes when you can get any amount of scarce material. Pumkins -> Iron breaks the balance of all mods. IC2's UU matter is also bad when it comes to this, as eventualy it's easyer to make UU matter then gather materials, resulting in an exponential curve if people go for it. Balancing isn't as simple as x = y. Heck, x should have varable value based on scarcity and need. EE2, however, is unbalanced in itself, it's a fast exponential curve to super creative mode. This might be the desired result or not. It can be disabaled as needed. Theres not point pretending it's balance or the tier of it's abilitys are even in the same ballpark as other mods. It's not. It useds a compeltly diffrent pardime. Balance is less obvious then it apears. The Macerator doubles because it balances the scarcity of ore with the rappid cost of IC2, the iorn chests provide large inventorys to deal with an increase number of possable items, and the qualty of said items. The cells allow access to obsidion before diamonds, allowing things to be aproched in diffrent orders. Theres a lot of values in place in both the balance of each mod individualy, and how they interact. None of this however, will make EE2 something that needs to be removed. Diffrent default settings based on what's used might be nice, but then we'd have endess 'How I enable EE2'
  15. iconomey, with settings to just those items you want sellable sold? Honestly, as long as you HAVE EE /period/ you'll encounter massive inflation if people use items as trade. I'd recommend perhaps one of the 'currency for mob kills' style mods and not allow people to sell items for currency.
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