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Yup. Another Suggestion Thread.

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First of all, I want to thank the AMAZING makers of this mod. Me and my little circle of friends have put hours of enjoyment into collecting loot, building fortresses, and getting trolled by Roflcondas.

Now, for the suggestions:

1: A new class system. I got some inspiration from this RPG Minecraft server called Herocraft (if you've ever heard of it). For each Primary Class (Warrior, Mage, Ranger), once you get to a certain level, you get to choose a Sub-Class for each Primary Class.

For example.

At level 25 you would be able to choose the Knight Sub-Class for the Warrior, who would be a purely melee "tank" character.

Each Primary Class would have several Sub Classes that would specialize in different things. The Mage would have the Necromancer SC for example, and he / she would be able to summon zombies and use dark magic.

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2: More Melee Weapon Types and Duel Wielding. I came up with an idea for new melee weapons, wands, bows, and a new weapon type: Thrown weapons.

This post will focus on Melee Weapons

Melee Weapons (fastest attack speed to slowest): Daggers, Swords, Katanas, Maces, Spears*, Axes*.

* - two-handed weapon

Daggers are the weakest, and axes are the strongest. However, each one has their own special powers.


+ Fastest type of weapon

- Weakest type of weapon

Rangers use Daggers more effectively.


+ Second highest Crit-Chance.

+ Widest variety

Deals a decent amount of damage, and has a high critical chance.

Warriors use Swords more effectively.


+ Deals slightly more damage than Swords.

+ Highest critical chance.

- Very low variety.

Warriors and Rangers use Katanas more effectively.


+ Same amount of damage as Swords.

+ Can pierce through multiple enemies.

+ Faster than Swords

- Two handed.

<3 Kain

Warriors use Spears more effectively.


+ Second strongest weapon type.

- Second SLOWEST weapon type.

Warriors use Maces more effectively.

No idea what to do with maces :/


+ Strongest weapon type.

- Two Handed.


It's 2 AM over here in California, and I'm tired :/

I'll complete the new weapons tomorrow.

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3: More Mage Weapons.

Mage Weapons (in no particular order): Wands, Staves, and Tomes (can all be duel-wielded).

Mages use all of these weapons more effectively.


Left-click attack is a single blast of elemental (or non-elemental) magic.

+ Rapid-fire.

- Weakest of the three mage weapons.


Holding left-click will charge the staff, releasing it will fire a blast of elemental damage.

+ Second strongest mage weapon.

- Slow rate of fire.


Not meant to be a serious weapon.

Each tome has a number of limited uses, but each use fires a powerful spell.

Once you use all of the charges, the tome disappears.

4: More Bows.

New Bows (in no particular order): Shortbows, Longbows, and Crossbows.

Rangers use all these weapons more effectively.


+ The closer the target is, the more damage the arrow deals.

+ Shortbows are drawn quickly.

- Two handed.

Meant to be fired at close range.


+ The farther the target is, the more damage the arrow deals.

+ High critical chance.

+ Screen zooms in farther.

- Longbows are drawn slower.

- Two handed.

Meant to be a "sniper" weapon.


Crossbows have a fixed damage.

+ Faster than normal arrows.

+ Instantaneous firing (no drawing the bow back).

+ Can be duel wielded.

+ Arrow flies straight; doesn't arc.

- Doesn't zoom in.

- Slow reloading.

- Even SLOWER reloading when duel-wielding.


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