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voltz server no such item id


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I have a voltz server this is how it boots up


[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] Loading server properties
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] Server starten!
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] Configuratie laden voor: "Default"
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] [informatie] 229 recipes
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] [informatie] 27 achievements
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] [informatie] Starting minecraft server version 1.5.2
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] [informatie] Loading properties
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] [informatie] Default game type: SURVIVAL
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] [informatie] Generating keypair
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] [informatie] Starting Minecraft server on
[09-03 19:28:32 ] [server] [informatie] Preparing level "world"
[09-03 19:28:33 ] [server] [informatie] Preparing start region for level 0
[09-03 19:28:33 ] [server] Opstarten klaar! (0.627s)! For help, type "help" or "?"


I dont see any mods booting up or something does somebody now how i can fix this I downloaded al the stuff from technicpack site for a voltz server

I can join the server but when i want a mod item it say not such id i hope some nows how to fix this

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