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same biome generating throughout the entire world

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so, i created a new world in tekkit smp (also happens in ssp) and the first 100 chunks or so generate as any other world would. then, the generation switchs to plains for the rest of the world. you can tell it is not natural generation because the landscape gets cut of illogically and starts generating plains. i flew out for 10000 blocks and still had nothing, but plains. anyone else having this problem and know how to fix it? any help is great, thanks!

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Did you use a seed?

Also, the simplest would be to make a new world, you probably won't see this bug twice.

yes. random seeds everytime. this happened on the world we were using, so i restarted to fix it. 5 worlds in a row, and it isn't just the worlds, because if i use a seed it generates the first few hundred blocks normally, then changes to plains.

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