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Very confused and annoyed (any ideas)


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So ive been trying to get my mods to load after and none of them seem to be loading Hexxit loads but then instantly gets an error message and even after deleting and reinstalling it 3 times it still gives the error code, the other mods that are giving me a problem are the Tekkit mod, attack of the B-team, and Tekkify they will start to load and even show the mojang logo but after that it will close the loader without going any further than that or even giving an error message, if anyone could help me figure out why this is happening it will be very appreciated


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* shakes magic 8-ball *


Hmm, seems like your computer's flibbertygibbit has become misaligned with the shwartzensparker.


In all seriousness, we will be unable to assist you without log data. If you are having trouble with a specific Technic provided pack the proper place for help is in the Tracker for that pack. If you are having trouble with all packs the proper place would be the Tracker for the Launcher.

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