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Can somebody help me with setting up a server please??

I just wanna play with a friend but can seem to find a good tutorial.

I saw some videos where you have to edit the launch.bat, and i did that, then i go to properties and type in my hamachi IP, and start up the server. But when i try to join it says bad login... And when i delete the hamachi IP and type in my local IP it doesnt work either.... Can someone help me? I prefer using hamachi btw.

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74 views and no replies?

Well first of all, there are tons of good tutorials out there.. literally.. thousands... Use google or look on the forum (I know for a fact that there are several good written guides on this forum) - imo, youtube tutorials seems to be mediocre at best.

btw, did you buy the game? if not, then I can't/won't help you.

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You need to using the correct version of Tekkit and the correct server version hamachi has to be running in the background You also would have to be connected to the network(should auto connect) then type in the server configs your hamachi ip and all should be fine

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