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A small request


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People of the Scribble Parlor, I come from the Modder's Metropolis bearing a humble request. I have recently made a mod, but unfortunately, I am not the most artistically talented individual in the world. Thus I come to you, head in hands, with this small request:

Please help me make my mod not look like shit. The glass is mostly fine, but the furnace-thing and the gui could really use some help.

All I can offer is a spot in the credits, but I would greatly appreciate the help.

A link to my mod: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/stained-glass-mod.8384/

Current look:







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Thank you very much. And yeah, leave the HD stuff for HD texture packs.

For reference in that terrain.png, on the second line, it's the side of glass panes and then the rest is for the machine: bottom, top, front-off, front-on, sides.

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That's cool especially the sort of indented bit in the GUI. Just a note, it doesn't have to stick to close to the original textures, as I was just using those as placeholders. It's pretty much a furnace with part of a piston stuck to the top right now. Also, if it includes the top vent, it could also have a additional lit up texture there, as I could code that in pretty simply.

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