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Tekkit and Extrabiomes?

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So I love ExtrabiomesXL, and I also love Tekkit. I run an 80 slot server with Tekkit. We did our best to get Tekkit generation with ExtabiomesXL and it worked... kind of... new ores but only in vanilla biomes and areas that were not explored before hand were just grassy fields with the same landscape instead of ExtrabiomesXL biomes... It was like the creature from Frankenstien... all stitched together and awkward. So I mean if someone could go into the class files and tell Tekkit to generate Tekkit content in ExtrabiomesXL biomes, could It be possible? I heard something like the forestry developer got in a fight with someone and left Tekkit and now they are working with ExtrabiomesXL? I mean If we could all get along and combine Tekkit, Forestry, and ExtrabiomesXL together It would be a dream come true for A LOT of people. I am not a coder or anything special. So if someone who might know how to make this work could give some insight, I would love it

This is what happened when we smashed the maps together.

With EBXL only.


After compiling with Tekkit.






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There is a bukkit plugin I've been meaning to try, mineral veins, that lets you clear out all ores and regenerate them based on your own settings, and even add new blocks to generate.


It wouldn't work for RP2 rubber trees or oil fountains, but you might be able to generate a map in vanilla + extreme biomes them move it over to a tekkit server and regenerate the ores to include the new stuff (might be able to include oil deposits as in pockets of oil underground, just no surface spout to show where they are).

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I have been trying to do the same. (adding EBXL to tekkit) and i managed to resolve the ids, but when i start a new world i get a white screen. (its hard to tell what it is because it don't crash but just goes into a white-screen.

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Understadable, the mineral veins config does look a bit unwieldy. I might try it myself, gen some worlds in vanilla + ex biomes and test moving them to a tekkit server to respawn all the minerals with.

The one problem I can see is getting it to pre-gen a large enough area for a server to use.

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