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Sky Kingdoms - RPG - Quests - Which route you will take?


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With everything we have been through it’s all come down to this. Magic. Technology. Wilderness.

All these things we have accomplished throughout the years, since the incident we started off with small scraps, now we have this wonderful city that you can explore, people who are willing to help you throughout your journey and quests you can complete to your liking. Survive on your own or with a team.

This is Sky Kingdoms, enjoy your stay be it long or short, but be sure to survive all that the environment throws at you.

MP Servers included in the modpack download.

Sky Kingdoms Modpack


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I'm not gonna play since I'm working on my own pack (doesn't mean I won't take a curious look later when I need a break from it. :P), but just wanted to ask what kind of quests do you have? since I see you're only using custom npcs. How is it setting up quests using that? It seems to get pretty involved at higher levels of creation.

oh and nice picture of the town with the dragon gargoyle Imp thing. Any lore behind that? :o

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