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Epsilon Fleet Voltz Server [20 Slots], [Factions], [RP]!

Darth Baum

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Open 24/7



Matrix Gaming was created by a group of people from another game. We have tried a few different mods and server types but found that Voltz was the most popular of the mod packs.


The Voltz server is whitelisted to attempt to cut down the number of Griefers. So to get on the whitelist all you have to do is join the site. Now onto information about the actual server.


Server Staff are:

Landmine_Fanatic (Owner)

The_Matrix_Mage (Head Admin)

TFS_Chewbacca (Admin)

Ghostassassin23 (Moderator)


If you have any questions feel free to message any of the server staff. 



How it is divided up is you will spawn in the United Nation which is the center of the various nations. There are 3 main factions you may join. With the 4th quarter of the map is free for all forms of warfare and destruction.





Right now the nations stand as follows

The Aueralean Order



The Rebels (Admin run)

The United Nations, The Nation of Muzai (Admin)




The general rule is no griefing however that changes when war is declared between two nations. Then it is fair games. You can ask the United Nations to allow for higher levels of explosives to be allowed. Any questions about the rules of war please check the forums or ask some of the server staff for clarifications. Do not steal or attack a nation unless one person of that nation is online.

For a complete set of rules click below.


1. Show respect to all members of the community.

2. Spamming and any malicious behavior towards the community or individuals is forbidden.

3. Any ban appeals should be PM'd to the admins.

4. Do not link to any shock sites, porn sites ect on either the server or Teamspeak.

5. The United Nations area is a safe area, you may not bomb it or circumvent the protections in it.


1. No god-modding or claiming to kill off people's roleplay characters without expressed consent. If you send an important character into a situation that, given lore and the situation would sensibly result in their death then they will die.

2. Do not meta-game or mix in character and out of character. Examples include using out of character knowledge to affect in character knowledge, taking role play as "personal" and causing drama because of it, RP actions (including RP) done for OOC reasons or anything at all that is obviously out of character. Trying to engineer the RP situation to benefit you in an unfair way may also be meta-gaming.

3. Anything on the server in quotes is considered to have been said in RP, whereas anything not in quotes is considered out of character.

4. Any important actions a character or nation takes should be plausible and consistent with it's established characterization.

Player versus Player

1. Do not spawn-kill. Spawn-Killing is intentionally killing anyone more than once at their spawn location a couple of minutes after they die. If you are attacked under that 2 minute window, you may defend yourself.

2. With the exception of War*, PvP is limited to skirmishes and raids with non-explosive weaponry. Below are exceptions to this rule:

All grenades
Any missiles/explosives that do not affect terrain

3. No griefing . Griefing is defined as destroying land or structures outside of War*. The only damage allowed to another player's property is that which is done to infiltrate, in compliance with PvP rules 2 and 4.

4. Raids, warfare, ect is only allowed when the opposing side is online. If you are in another person's town, territory ect DO NOT touch anything you do not have permission to touch.

5. Heal commands, flying ect that are gained from donations or activity ranks may NOT be used in combat.
Punishments: Warnings to removal of said commands

6. No teleporting into or out of pvp and no /back immediately after pvp.


1. To use explosives one must declare war. War can only be declared 24 or more hours in advance in the United Nations. In addition the other side must be informed by the other side or an admin INGAME an hour prior before either side can engage the other. At any other time, logs are kept to keep track of missile launches.

2. PvP rules 1 and 4-6 still apply.

3. Do not set up any missiles to auto-fire at any nation unless A) You are at war with them or one of the two parties have made a deceleration of war and your waiting for war to start, and B) it is set up in a way that they have to be online for it to fire. This rule is to prevent it from accidentally firing when the opposing side is not online. An example of what is allows is that a set-up made to autofire when a missile from that nation is detected, but a set-up that is connected to a countdown clock is not.

Outright Banned Items
Antimatter Missiles
RedMatter Missiles
Rejuvenation Missiles (on other's land)
Contagious Missiles
Liquid Routers
Electrical Chests


1. There are currently 3 main nations that every member except a few select few are a part of.

2. Those nations each control 1/4 of the world about 300 blocks away from the center of the world.

3. Nations will be granted a 100x100 area to be protected as a Capital

4. Their capital can still be attacked in war time and in raids

5. Nations can build stuff in other lands but it will not be safe at all. It will not even be protected by the rule about you having to be online so build in other nation's lands at your own risk

6. The Western Quarter is a no man's land. Rebels build there as well.

7. No rules are enforced in that quarter of the world.


1. Only 1 Space Station per nation.

2. Staff may not use special commands in normal circumstances. In the case that it is needed, they are. Staff should be able to determine appropriate times.

3. In order for your nation's borders and structures to be considered valid, you nation must maintain atleast 10 hours of activity each month. This might be marked up for larger nations later on. This rule is being implemented due to the increasing of player base and the limited map space.

4. All hoppers used must be built out of range of any mobs getting on top of them. This is due to a bug where robits getting on top of them crashes the server.

5. No invisibility with power armor not even with potion. If you wish to be invisible you cannot be wearing power armor.

6. No tier 2 missiles can be fired from a rocket launcher (portable)

7. You cannot carry more than 16 grenades on your person if you plan on going to battle





Banned Items

Red Matter





Our server attempts to tread the fine line of fun war compared to random griefing. If you are interested in joining just join the site and sign up. I hope to see more people join and we all have a good time.




Its your adventure how will you play? Where will you go? A peaceful nation or a nation at war?





With regards,




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