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Icy's Photoedits and other misc Art


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This is my most recent work. Probably didn't do as well as I should have and am aware of the little flaws in some spots but am quite satisfied with the results as practice.


Here's a little sprite I did for fun, though I never got around to refining this one as well. Spriting that much detail just... bothers me I'd rather work on Photos.


This one I did to test out the CS6 Blur Tools (though I'm sticking with Cs5 atm). Could have done the ray of light far better but it was practice little else. And that ugly dark halo along the sky border. Ugh...



I have many others like Avatars, but I lost all the older photos when I had to reset my computer and the tech guys didn't listen when I told them not to. So yea.....

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I especially love the smoke on the first one, though the shadow in the eye socket needs looking at and completing.

And the 'dark halo' gives it a somewhat supernatural quality on the final one.

That's some very nice work.

You are on DeviantArt, aren't you?

Haha that made me smile a bit, as I'll assume the DA comment was a great compliment. But no I'm not on there at all, I do this stuff purely for fun (one of the few things I actually do just for myself) and to keep up the craft. I'm far more passionate in Genetics but that's another time.

The smoke on the first one is actually desaturated fire, I felt it gave off a better mood than literal smoke. And since the whole thing is B/W anyway it worked far better. And I will agree on the eye socket thing; if you wish it completed I still have the PSD and can give it another go. As for the Blury Supernatural one, I'd agree too but that Halo needs to be a bit more... ominousy.

Thank you though, really.

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I suggested DeviantArt, purely because you are far more likely to get more advanced constructive criticism from there.

I understand you do this for fun, but why not have the tools to get better?

Ah well... I really don't wanna keep active on more things than I have to. Even posting on here is to keep track of it, and since I know I can comment on stuff that comes up in here; showing face to my own personal capability instead of only speaking lowers the hypocrisy levels to almost zero. It's respect for those who's topics I comment on.

I don't understand the tools comment though?

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I was suggesting that feedback from an arty community would be of enormous use to you, that's all.

Haha, I may give it a chance at some point in the future then. But after I cover my science bases, since I don't want to be tempted into any sort of career with it. Most art community folks are snobby elitists though, really hate that.

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