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Change item id?


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okey, i've tried putting a mod into tekkit


but it apparently comes in with a block ID conflict, but whats strange is that the block id conflict is with block ID 256, which is iron shovel

but anyways, im wondering if anyone would know how to change ither the animalbikes mod's item id or the iron shovels

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This won't work for a few reasons.

One, this needs to be a bukkit mod. Simply being SMP isn't enough, nor will it work.

Two, your clients need the mod as well, so unless you are going to custom-build a client that includes this mod (after you convert it to bukkit) and give it to your players.

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but, it seems the only client side issue is the item id placement?

and i figured since ppl have successfully implemented mods like smart movement it would work in this case too, other than the item ID placement ofc

and since its a modloader mod and modloader is used in tekkit, or at least i believed it to be so.

wouldnt that mean if the scripting doesnt over run(conflict) anything already in the mod it would work?

i mean, client side and server side the only installation needed is putting it in the mod folder that is created with modloader and modloader mp

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