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Simple Tekkit Server

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I wish there was a simple tekkit server; no extra plugins that had a whitelist I wouldnt even want a spawn. Just a place for people to play tekkit and not get uber greifed. Is that really to much to ask apparently it is because there are no servers like this; I searched the whole internet and found none. Please somebody who has a better computer than me make my dream a reality!

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I have a simple a server... whats you IGN: i will whitelist you...
-Felix, Saturday at 2:12 AM

Could you whitelist me and my freinds? I know it's quite a few people. But here you go: Stormdude127, Mattsuii, ZestfulSpark, firester930, and CloudCrafter24. It has been awhile since we last played tekkit and i guess we are having a longing for it again. Thanks!.....And could give me the IP, too? Thanks.

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