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Performance requirement differences between Tekkit 2 and 3 server?

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I've been running a Tekkit 2 server for a few players for a while now without any problem and just 1Gb memory allocated. Now I'm setting up a Tekkit 3 server and while testing it myself, I keep getting the dreaded "[WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?" msg.

The server log doesn't show any errors regarding mods or starting up and this is with a new world and nothing has been built yet.

So before reporting this as a problem to be fixed, I was wondering if the performance requirements have been drastically increased with the new mods?

And does someone know if (and if so, how) I can check memory allocation for the server in a similar way as the client can with F3 ingame? I tried to search for this, but all I can find about is client performance tweaking.

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I'm not getting them anymore since I created a dedicated user for the Tekkit server just as I did for the old Tekkit version. My linux skills are a little rusty, but somehow it makes all the difference if I run the server in my normal home directory or run it as a different user. When testing in my normal home directory I got the 'can't keep up' msges all the time.

Atm we run a modded Tekkitish server (Forestry and Better Farming included) and just 3 plugins atm (Essentials, Group Manager and Residence) with about 8 players with just 1Gb memory allocated. mcMMO will also be put back once they release the new stable with the block breaker fix.

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So you can explain why it makes a difference then? Because I don't know. I just found out by accident. If I knew this before, I would've done it right away of course. I tested in my home directory because it is easier for testing scripts.

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