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DeltaForce Gaming Tekkit Classic up and running!


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Dear community,


As of today the DeltaForce Gaming tekkit classic server is a fact. Its currently running strong with Nitrous hosting on a good 4GB of ram.

The server is aiming to give players the long term rewards, using mcMMO and Ontime to regulate ranks we hope to achieve this. The ultimate goal is to have no banned items at all and after fixing all the beta bugs we expect to unban items every patch.

To resolve all beta bugs it is very important that you report bugs to the staff as soon as you encounter one, this way we can ensure your gaming pleasure and server stability.

Permissions include: Factions, Economy, MobBounty, TreeAssist, chestshop and many more!

To join our tekkit classic connect to:

Our rules:


1. Don't Hack

2. Dont dupe

3. Dont ask for items/ranks

4. Dont spam

5. Dont be an asshole

6. Use common sense


for an extended description on what we consider grief please click here


For full info join our Website!


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