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  1. That's probably a Java issue, make sure to download the 64-bit version from: https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp Walk through the installer and make sure that you remove other versions. Restart your launcher and you should be able to select without the 1GB cap
  2. First question is always: did you try to restart it? Counts for reïnstalling in these cases too. You can try to reïnstall the launcher and all its components, and if that doesn't work: start the launcher, go to launcher options -> Show console. Restart the launcher to get full information from startup and give us a copy of the console. I'm quite old to the platform and haven't done anything with it for a while so idk if this is the right thing to do.
  3. I have recognized the issue in your logs and unfortunately this issue is platform wide on Technicpack. Nothing to do but wait unless you're an expert on the issue
  4. It's platform wide on the Technicpack. Nothing to do but wait unless you're an expert on the issue
  5. If you're sure you can't find any logs other than the console there's not much I can do :(. You could try to search the net for anyone who still has the old files
  6. You are running your server from either the minecraft server .jar or a start.sh/start.bat script. Those files are located in a bin folder or the general folder of your tekkit classic pack. In that general tekkit classic directory there should be either a "crash-logs" and/or "logs" folder. Otherwise use a file explorer search function to locate them.
  7. Can you send me the crash logs and latest.log from forge? I'll be able to understand the error better and hopefully help you solve it And are you using the correct forge version along with the correct minecraft_server jar file?
  8. Are you running plugins along with this modpack? And I don't think REI's minimap is a server mod in that version yet. On the server, delete REI's minimap, Inventory tweaks and MAtmos, then try again
  9. First of all, you should use 64 bit Java, update it to the most recent update and allocate more RAM to your server, that'll make it run way better. Your error comes from the Bluepower mod: UCHE bluepower{0.2.962} [Blue Power] (BluePower-1.7.10-0.2.962-universal.jar) It creates an error on startup. Are you missing a Core Mod? Is this an unstable release of Bluepower? Is it the latest version?
  10. You are able to select any version from 3.0.0 or up on the technic launcher. Just click "Modpack Options" and then "a specific version" https://imgur.com/a/ZKcSw Once you've downloaded the client version as you wish, you can copy all files except local mods to your server. Local mods are things like inventory tweaks or WAILA
  11. Probs best to post this on Platform Pagoda or let @Munausmove it there. I also suggest, if you know which ones, that you post more and detailed logs about your error on pastebin
  12. Jeebus it's been a year again...

  13. Hi, this is a server issue with Minecraft. All you can do is wait, I think it is possible to install it manually, but I do not know exactly how. I advise you to wait it out Update: The servers are slowly recovering, not everything has been fixed yet, but the jar files are in place. It should be all resolved within 10 minutes. If seen by @Munaus or another moderator, this thread can be closed
  14. Well I could keep the old world chunks and just generate a new world around those... I guess, I'm gonna experiment more around with it, thanks for your help mate
  15. modpack link: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/ump-henk Once I update the world to biomes O' plenty stuff all my blocks get converted to those blocks. Here is one of the schematics: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tfmp8e9of3muyie/Henk base.schematic?dl=0 The "old" map where my base still is 'my base' has certain configuration that already existing blocks their id's don't get changed, however new maps get new id's These mods were added: (attachment) And these already were in the modpack: (attachment)
  16. Well... I'd have to convert almost every item in the game, at least 1000+ ID's.... because I have so many items in my ME system... So that is unfortunately not an option
  17. Hi, I have recently updated my modpack to hold a bunch more mods and am transferring from map to map. However when I use MCEdit to transfer our bases from map to map the item ID's get messed up. This is what happens: I have a base with a bunch of thaumcraft items and AE2 items and stuff, and when I put that in the new map they all get converted to BiomesOP items. Is there a way for me to quote on quote freeze used item ID's so that aggresive mods don't claim them? I am using MCedit 1 because I'm not at all used to mcedit 2, anyone know if it is working in mcedit 2?
  18. It is finished. I also sent him PM's. @xredcheck your messages @Munausyou can close this thread
  19. Hi guys, this guy came to me in private, I know his modpack details and stuff. I'm on to making it now
  20. I'm back! Dunno for how long... But I'm back :D!

  21. It's been months xD Just went to this site, haven't been on in a long time! But I have no idea how to fix it. However, on ggservers.net you can get REALLY cheap servers and if you sign up for their newspaper you get massive discounts. Sorry
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