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Looking For A Dedicated Server For Tekkit

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Hey guys / girls (not judging), I have played Tekkit for a long time and love playing it with friends. One of my friends hosted a server for a few people to play on but has been having computer rpoblems so I am unable to play with him. I would be willing to apply for a whitelist and go through any type of screening process the server Owner / Admins wish me to go through.

Im preferably looking for a Whitelisted Dedicated server with as few plugins as possible with a small, good community I can play and have fun in.

I really appreciate yall taking the time to review this thread

- Woodrow (Minecraft Ign: FryCookGamer)

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Hey i have a 4 man mc server with tekkit. Ive got it hosted for 3 months, me and one other friend currently play on it, i would say come on now but neither of us can connect to the laucher, i think tekkit is down. Add me on skype stickypaper1 or steam scampymydog

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Hello i have a small 16 slot whitelisted 24/7 server with all but

nova's, lens's and cataclists, nukes, redmatter/darkmatter hammers and volcanic amulet.

Only till today we did this :L to STOP ALL greifing :D. Eather way my post is http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/protech-24-7-tekkit-3-0-4-the-time-of-technology-awaits-you-great-staff-ee-enabled.11764/ love to see u ok :D thx, server owner Profjb!|||

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