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Balkon's weapon mod and item control

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So I have two unrelated questions about server admin-ing.

The first relates to Balkon's weaponmod. I saw several threads on here about how it was removed from Tekkit, and is awful and will wreck my world. But, I'm stubborn, so I went ahead and installed it anyway. And, after half an hour of running with a musket, I've seen no problems. No crashes, all the entities are appearing, everything seems fine.

Is there some crazy world destroying bug in it I should watch out for?

On a related note, is there a unified list of all the entity ids from tekkit somewhere? I can pull block and item ids out of the game to ensure lack of conflicts, but have no idea how to get at the entities.

And finally, can anyone recommend a good way of banning specific items? I.e. making them uncraftable and invisible in the inventory search UI?

Many thanks in advance.

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I am not exactly sure why Balkons was removed, but you should be careful when installing mods that aren't originally in the pack. If it was removed, there is a good reason for it.

As much as i know there is not a way to get all used entity IDs. Someone else may know how.

RecipeManager (bukkit plugin) can make stuff uncraftable. Though i am not sure does it work with tekkit, some have said that PEX is also good for this cause.

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