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any good server seeds?

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hey guys i was just wondering has anyone found any good server worlds yet? i have had to restart my server 6 times now because it spawns me and my group on small islands with miles of ocean around, i know some people like that for the aspect of low resources but so far none of these worlds have spawned any trees i hope this isnt a new bug but just alot of bad luck with world creation but i thought i would throw this up and see if anyone has any ideas

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Try 1963405579

That seed has been a good seed for us (in Tekkit 2.0 because of the world gen changes in 1.1) with plentiful trees nearby, a nearby snow biome (we avoid it), and a swamp with a few rubber trees in it. Also, if you play Technic SSP, it drops you next to a village at the base of the hill I often build on.

In case you care, we normally set up base around +120, +233 (we often develop the whole chunk and work our way out). Swamp is 'northeast' (on minimap). I've also erected a giant structure on the four chunks around 0,0 and found some cool stuff nearby (including lava near the surface so watch your step).

Let me know if you like it ;D

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