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Help me and my friend setup a server?Please...We're desprate...

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Hello dear Tekkit players/server owners/staff,

me and my friend want to start a Tekkit server,

but it just doesn't want to work out for us, we've been getting many errors, some we got fixed but others are still being a pain.

We did A LOT but seriously A LOT of searching on Google, MCForums, Tekkit Forums,

we watched over 34+ video's showing how to make a simple server.

We are sure that our port forwarding is done GOOD,

we are sure that we use the right files.

The error we are having now is this one : 'java.IOException: Bad packet id 72'

Thats the error we get when we try to join our server, I get it the error and my friend that hostes the server gets the same.

Thanks for reading and trying to help us.

We beg you guys, please help us, give us hints on how to setup a server...We're really desprate, we were trying to make a server yesterday we've spent 8 HOURS ! 8HOURS! and no succes...


( http://www.quickmeme.com/meme/3q1dxh/ <--- Here's a picture of us...)


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You don't need to pay a host to run your server. That's just silly. If you only have a few friends playing on it, just run it on your home pc. Also, I'd suggest taking a break for a little while. You seem stressed. Go hang out with your friend IRL. Grab some ice cream, go dancing, do whatever.

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