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Looking for Experienced Modder

Joseph Petek

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I run my own software company, and we do programs for PC and Mac. We also do Apps for the Android and Apple markets.

I really love minecraft, but my team that works for me is not great at Java and are always working on other projects we have going.

I have some ideas for a mod or two that I would really like to develop. I will pay the person based of them being an Independent Contractor. I would own all rights to the mod and the source code to the mod when completed. I think this would in the end work wonderfully because some of the really good mods are always dieing out because real life strikes the developer and they cannot continue the mod.

Please contact me if anyone is interested. You can message me through the forums or send me a message to my email directly.

[email protected] or [email protected]

Thank you and I hope to hear from some promising developers. Have a good day.

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Not selling, I just want to control the creativity part and what is going into my mods. I am not looking to make money off these other than maybe through downloads like any other mod. I want to control my idea part of it. I hate it when a great mod like forestry can't be used in a place like tekkit anymore because of differences. That is what I mean. Hope that clarified it.

Have you read Minecraft's EULA and consulted a lawyer about it?

I have read it, I wasn't stepping on Minecraft's feet. At least didn't mean to make it sound like I was. I was talking about the person who, if they decide to do the work for me would be giving me all the source code to it and I would have the control over what I wanted to do with the mod.

Thanks for the replies, at least someone read the post. :D

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