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  1. It was redirecting to a shitty Youtube video since 1 AM last night and just ended recently.
  2. Edit your config and change those values to unused blockids.
  3. If it isn't the problem (which is wholly possible, I don't claim infallibility) then you can just reinstall it. Also you should never, ever pay for AV protection. Look into Avast!.
  4. The firewall isn't the problem, as I understand it. McAfee itself is the problem.
  5. Please don't bump your posts. But since I've feeling oh so generous today, try disabling/uninstalling your AV.
  6. The most I've ever spent on printing was like $50 for printing twelve GURPS books I bought off of their website. I was tired of them being PDFs so I just had them printed and bound at an office supply store.
  7. All this affects me absolutely 0% because I use MCNostalgia to just play the versions I like. :> If 1.3 fucks up badly, back I go to 1.2.5.
  8. I just assume everyone on these boards is a prepubescent MCF user. I've hardly ever been wrong. See, I don't make soup from their tears. I just stab them and use their blood to flavor my bread. I have simple tastes.
  9. I don't think that was being polite. I think it was bitter 'I've lost' sarcasm.
  10. So basically, foolish user whoremoans about EE not being in the DEVELOPMENT BUILD, e-police come out of the woodwork and get coherently beaten down and told to fuck off. They continue to whine about muh rights and muh feelings and get put down again. Status? Viciously told.
  11. No! The entire fraggin' point was to get you to stop killing poor Helen! She didn't deserve anything and we just used our last Resurrection scroll on her! If you kill her again we'll be screwed!
  12. That is like...the world's most ineffectual excuse ever.
  13. Have you read Minecraft's EULA and consulted a lawyer about it?
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