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Oil Refinery

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Works for me as long as the refinery has oil in it. It's slow because you're only feeding LV to the energy link and refineries take a LOT of power, but it does work, I needed 4 panels minimum before it started to work, 8 was still slow. 2 LV (16 normal) panels got it to a useful speed

How many solar panels are you using and in what setup (a picture would probably help us solve it). It may simply be you're not using enough panels to power the energy link, or your wiring is losing most of the power before it gets to the batbox

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I just slapped the Refinery right on top of the energy link.

They do suck up a lot of BU so you need a lot of EU to run the Link.

I needed 2 Solar flower arrays set up to build up enough stored EU to run it through the night as well.

Might want to also upgrade your batbox also, just so you have more storage to run during the night and rain.

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