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[1.5.2] Evolvecraft Crafting Dead [25+ Plugins][24/7][always latest version]

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Welcome to the Crafting Dead server Evolvecraft.... 

On this server you will be able to try and survive, but not just survive.... You will be able to build and to fight and to kill... 
This is by no means an "official" server, but it has the specs and the features to become the best. 
Once you login you will get a small kit of minor things to get you started on your survival against the dead.. 

At this moment, there is no donations or anything, I want this to grow before anything. I am very confident in not only the way the server 
is ran and the machine its on, I am confident that you a survivor will enjoy this more than any other server around. 

Lets face it, who loves the walking dead and dayz.... Why not get the best of both worlds and share it with many others. For now this server 
only has a few basic plugins, being able to set your home and protect your stuff are a few must haves.... This will grow over time just like the player base. 
We will always use the latest version. 

Now to finally give you guys the ip address to connect. 
You need Crafting Dead Ver. 2.0.2 


Server ip: 

Pack Link: 

Pack url: (copy and paste into launcher) 

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