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any good mod packs ?

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 I hope i'm posting this in the right place but me and my friend have been looking for a modpack and we have found one but it has no server file. I don't really know how to organize myself a server but i know how to start one. I want to know if theres a mod pack that has Blood magic, Tinkers Construct, and a ME system and more mods but that have a downloadable server file . I've tried starting a server on F.T.B.T Modpack but Forge just wont launch at all. I'm un sure if its because some of the mods on the modpack are not suited for multiplayer. I need help :(  

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This is Tekkit section.

This is what it says beneath Tekkit: [Gameplay help and discussion about Tekkit] <-- See that? It might give you a hint on what this section is about.

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