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Physical circuit breakers for IndustrialCraft2 cabling: impossible?

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I've been trying to build a "real" circuit breaker for IndustrialCraft2 electricity networks. I'm aware of the EU-Splitter Cable, but I want something that actually physically breaks the circuit - either by pushing a piece of the cable out of the way, or by destroying a piece of cable and re-placing it.

I've tried three things so far:

Sticky Pistons


Pistons can't move cables. NEXT!

Redpower2 Frames


More promising. The physical mechanism works - the cable block can be pushed around and appears to become part of the circuit again when the frame is returned to the starting position (closed.)

However after a open-close cycle, no EU can flow through the cable. The only way to get the power to flow again is to destroy that cable block by hand, and re-place it.


Block Breaker + Deployer


Break cable block, pipe the cable item around to a deployer, and deploy the cable into the empty space again.

You would think this would work - a deployer is supposed to simulate a player's right-click action. However it doesn't in this case - if you attempt to deploy a cable into the empty space "under load" (with a sink of EU at one end of the cable), it crashes your Tekkit client.

Oddly, if you just have cables not connected to anything, it works fine.

Any ideas as to why the above approaches don't work, or how I can realise a "physical" circuit breaker for IC2 circuits?

Edit: If anyone's curious, the reason I want to do this is because I'm reimplementing my nuclear power plant (http://www.technicpack.net/forums/threads/nuclear-reactor-complex-as-built-by-an-electrical-engineer.8865/) on Tekkit 3.0.4. The switchboard I designed for that build was based on the aforementioned EU-Splitter Cables and it was as dodgy as hell. I want something a bit more realistic. :)

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