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  1. I also observed the FPS drop due to long runs of Universal Cable. The FPS was somewhat improved by replacing all of the Universal Cable by Redstone Energy Conduits.
  2. # Particulars of server and clients Server is a Big Dig 1.3.9 server at nv.io. Modifications to default configuration are as follows: * Logistics Pipes is updated from to, which fixes a client and server crash bug whenever a Logistics Pipe is placed into the world. * ChocoCraft is disabled to prevent the Chocobo over-population problem. # Description of crash: When logging into the world, players are able to move around for approximately 30-60 seconds. The Minecraft client then crashes to the error report screen. The stack trace is as follows: not enough "permgen" allocated, or c) a bug with Natura Redwoods. We also thought that the crashing may have been due to d) too many mobs, or e) too many item entities. We attempted: 1. Increase amount of RAM allocated to client. We tried 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB. The client continued to crash within a minute after login. 2. No option was found to increase "permgen" size. The Technic Launcher apparently does this automatically now. 3. Natura was removed from both client and server. The client continued to crash within a minute after login. 4. MCPC+ was installed with the WorldEdit plugin. The command `butcher -a` was repeatedly issued to remove all mobs from all loaded chunks. The client continued to crash within a minute after login. 5. The WorldEdit command `remove items 100000` was repeatedly issued from the server console to remove all loose item entities from the world, within a 100,000 block radius of the world origin. The client continued to crash within a minute after login. Having failed to find the cause by the above steps, we then began a process of finding the offending mod by elimination. 1. We disabled all mods starting with the letters A-E. Mods requiring ComputerCraft were also disabled to silence "missing dependency" errors. The client was able to run successfully. The disabled mods were as follows: java.lang.NullPointerException at net.minecraft.client.renderer.Tessellator.sortQuads(Tessellator.java:488) at net.minecraft.client.renderer.WorldRenderer.endRenderPass(WorldRenderer.java:303) at net.minecraft.client.renderer.WorldRenderer.func_78907_a(WorldRenderer.java:236) at net.minecraft.client.renderer.RenderGlobal.func_72716_a(RenderGlobal.java:1649) at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_78471_a(EntityRenderer.java:1119) at net.minecraft.client.renderer.EntityRenderer.func_78480_b(EntityRenderer.java:991) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J(Minecraft.java:871) at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:760) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) The full error report is available at [2]. The server is unaffected and continues to run after the client crashes. Another, unrelated error report, with a similar stack trace, is available at [3]. The crashing only occurs when near the players' main town. This includes a large Natura Redwood tree, a quantity of Applied Energistics, Universal Electricity, Buildcraft, and MFR machinery, a large Magic Crops farm, and a large building made out of Artifice Marble and Marble Stair blocks. The crashing occurs for all players using Windows. The crashing does not occur for our one player who uses OSX. A backup of the world/ files, which reliably exhibit the crash behaviour, can be made available on request. # Description of workaround The bug appears to be a interaction between Shukaro's `Artifice` mod, and the custom version of Forge that ships with Big Dig. This is possibly related to the transparency rendering fix that ships with the version of Forge in Big Dig 1.3.9. [1] There are two ways we have found to suppress the bug. 1. Disable the Artifice mod on both client and server. 2. Revert Forge back to an official build, replacing the custom build that ships with Big Dig 1.3.9. That is, replace the custom version of Forge in the client modpack.jar, with official Forge build 1.5.2- # Description of troubleshooting process Anecdotal evidence on the Technic forums suggested that the client crashes may have been due to a) not enough RAM allocated to the client, AdditionalPipes2.3.0-BC3.5.3.jar Artifice-1.0-67.jar Atomic_Science_v0.5.3.50.jar Chococraft_2.8.4.zip.disabled ComputerCraft1.53.zip DimensionalDoors-1.5.2R1.3.6RC1-73.zip DungeonPack 1.5.2 v3 Universal.zip EnchantingPlus-1.14.6.jar EnderOre-1.0-12.jar EnderStorage OmniTools- OpenCCSensors- OpenPeripheral-0.0.7.jar immibis-peripherals-55.0.0.jar 2. We restored the world from original backup, i.e. a backup of the world known to exhibit the crash bug, and re-enabled all mods except those starting with the letter A. The client was able to run successfully. 3. We restored the world from original backup, and re-enabled all mods except Artifice. The client was able to run successfully. We therefore find that removing Artifice fixes the crashing issue. Not satisfied with the removal of the Artifice mod, we intuited that the "Tessellator" routine may be related to Minecraft's graphics rendering engine. We know from [1] that Big Dig bundles a custom, patched version of Forge, with a graphics rendering enhancement. We tried replacing Forge in the modpack.jar with an official Forge build, specifically version 1.5.2- We found that this also fixed the crash issue. We therefore conclude that the bug is due to either Artifice, or the custom Forge visual patches in Big Dig, or an interaction between Artifice and the Forge visual patches in Big Dig. [1] http://www.technicpack.net/article/view/technic-presents-renderer-improvements-for-everyone.21 [2] http://pastebin.com/w9iUVas7 [3] http://pastebin.com/Q8hB9Wfz
  3. Redstone Energy Cells from Thermal Expansion are a bit hard to get at first, as they require a magma crucible and liquid transposer. You may be better off with the Energy Cube from Universal Electricity, which is a bit easier to make. http://www.voltzwiki.com/wiki/Basic_Energy_Cube
  4. Don't worry. I have a healthy respect for sparkies. Operators and sparkies usually know much more than the engineers supervising them. ;)
  5. In Modular Force Fields and derivatives (I'm thinking Immibis' Advanced Repulsion Systems) there should be a forcefield type specifically designed for containing nuclear reactors. In terms of the general force field generators, I'm not sure what happens if you nuke one (you should test this and find out.)
  6. They'd be NOT gates, OR gates, or Buffer gates. Note that this kind of sorting system is obsolete - now that Logistics Pipes can be used on SMP, you are far better off with a Logistics Pipe network than a RP2 sorting system.
  7. I'm currently trying to write better documentation for end-users of Minecraft mods, such as Redpower2. I would like to display crafting grid recipes for the items in the mods. To do this I would require .png files of all the image icons. The unofficial Redpower2 Recipe List has an example of what I need: What is the best way to obtain a dump of inventory icons from Minecraft? It would be best if the block ID's and user-displayed block names in English (i.e. "White Lamp", "Red Alloy Ingot") could be dumped along with the images. Once I have the images, I am hoping to hook into the NEI recipe dictionaries and write Python code or PHP code to render the crafting grids in a manner similar to the Redpower2 Recipe List.
  8. Then download the really old version of Technic. The launcher will let you select any previous version of Technic back to... ages ago. Certainly to the version required for this map.
  9. The world save was already linked to in the original post, or somewhere in the first page of the thread.
  10. Please don't learn Visual Basic as a first language. I have to code Visual Basic for Applications for work, and it's brain-damagingly bad. Java's not terrible, and it's immediately applicable to Minecraft modding. Otherwise, Python is a good language to start off with - it's easy to learn and you can do useful things with it quite quickly.
  11. Please read this: http://questions.technicpack.net/2633/cant-join-server-server-returned-http-response-code-503-url That is all.
  12. I use Immibis' Tubestuff Buffers for this. The documentation is sketchy, but here's how to use them: The buffer has two nice properties: 1) When outputting to a Buildcraft pipe network, it outputs a stack at a time. This is much better than a wooden engine, which outputs one item at a time (entity lag, ahoy!) 2) The output rate rises to match the input rate. When there's nothing in it, it only outputs once every 5000 msec. When it's full, it outputs every 500msec.
  13. The tone of the OP's post was needlessly hostile, but I, too, find the launcher's always-on-top logo to be annoying. (It's especially fun when I'm trying to edit a config file and the logo pops up over the top of my editor.) I don't see any reason why the logo needs to be always-on-top - could this be changed?
  14. This is a categorised list of the most frequently asked questions from Technic Questions. The solutions/answers to each question are contained in the linked post on questions.technicpack.net. Before asking a question, it's your responsibility to make sure your question hasn't already been answered - either on Technic Questions, the Technic Forums, or the general internet. Google is your friend. Server login errors: Launcher fails with error "Can't authenticate with minecraft.net" Can't join server - "Server returned HTTP response code: 503 for URL: ..." Launcher errors: Launcher will not open: "Checking Launcher Version," "Can't find Java directory," etc - Technic Q&A Game won't start - "Process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" Why won't my mac run Technic Launcher? [Apple OSX / Mac] : Technic Launcher fails with Applescript error it says I can't downlaod the launcher because it can't find my java directory Server errors: Tekkit server won't start - "Could not reserve enough space for object heap" Tekkit Hamachi help - error "Failed to verify username!" Server won't start with error "'java' is not recognized as a internal or external command" Gameplay bugs: Why are some items not stacking with themselves? (Especially after playing with IC2 Agriculture) - Technic Q&A Questions about Technic/Tekkit: When will Technic/Tekkit update for the new version of Minecraft? What Happened To This, And This, Oh And This. (a.k.a. "Where did Forestry go?) Where are screenshots stored? Other How do I find out what version of Java I have? (Windows, Apple OSX, Linux) - Technic Q&A
  15. This post is probably more suited to the "Op Swap Shop" board for server admins. Why do you need sign shops in a world that has IndustrialCraft2 Trade-o-mats?
  16. Mojang is on the case. See: https://twitter.com/mollstam Tweets 1m Tobias Mollstam ‏@mollstam All trails always lead to the DB. 11m Tobias Mollstam ‏@mollstam Still investigating, throttling seems to have gone through the roof, maybe someone is being mean. Or it’s just gone mad. bbl 1h Tobias Mollstam ‏@mollstam Login and some other guys seems to be semi-sad pandas right now
  17. ... Did you not read the thread directly below this one? http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/hello-everyone-mineraft-net-problem.24185/
  18. For what it's worth, session.minecraft.net appears to be down: ping [email protected]:~$ ping session.minecraft.net PING session-1527528893.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com ( 56(84) bytes of data. ^C --- session-1527528893.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com ping statistics --- 17 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 16008ms 100% packet loss when pinged. Traceroute doesn't look like much good either: [email protected]:~$ traceroute session.minecraft.net traceroute to session.minecraft.net (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets <first 10 hops snipped for privacy> 11 ( 91.081 ms 84.315 ms 85.705 ms 12 i-0-5-4-0.sydo-core02.bi.telstraglobal.net ( 87.908 ms 95.016 ms 95.912 ms 13 i-0-2-0-0.1wlt-core01.bx.telstraglobal.net ( 235.632 ms 236.545 ms 238.047 ms 14 i-3-4.eqla01.bi.telstraglobal.net ( 283.254 ms 284.109 ms 286.707 ms 15 63-235-40-45.dia.static.qwest.net ( 285.136 ms 286.632 ms 287.484 ms 16 * * * 17 ( 344.314 ms ( 330.286 ms ( 349.896 ms 18 ( 348.935 ms ( 332.095 ms 334.223 ms 19 ( 348.763 ms ( 340.033 ms ( 346.419 ms 20 ( 342.942 ms ( 358.308 ms ( 349.517 ms 21 * * * 22 * * * 23 * * * 24 * * * 25 * * * 26 * * * 27 * * * 28 * * * 29 * * * 30 * * *
  19. Probably for troubleshooting - if the Technic Launcher doesn't work with a "minecraft.net" error, it's sensible to try the vanilla client to see if it has the same issue.
  20. http://questions.technicpack.net/1969/launcher-fails-with-error-cant-authenticate-with-minecraft
  21. The most immediate use for the oil would be to fuel your plans to quarry the End for End Stone. ;)
  22. noitem.noplace.214.1 . The ".1" is important.
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