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Question about 1.3 and world wipes....

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Howdy folks. I'm new to the Tekkit community and not very knowledgeable on the inner workings of the mods developers. So please forgive my questions.

Two quick questions.

After the 1.3 update drops, how long (on average) until Tekkit is updated as well?

Are we expecting a world wipe when the 1.3 update comes?

Disclaimer. I am not asking for a specific date! But obviously some of you have been playing longer than I and maybe have a better grasp as to how long the updates take. I'm just looking for a rough guess. Does it usually take 1 day, 1 week, 1 month? Also, is dumping worlds a common thing with updates? Should I expect to be ready to delete worlds and start fresh when the 1.3 update drops? I'm just curious, not looking for anything solid, just best guesses and opinions.

Thank you all ahead of time!

edit: is it also safe to assume that the sheer nature of 1.3 might cause tekkit to update slowly? 1.3 is bringing lots of crazy changes...

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Tekkit is maybe updated a week after ALL of the mods have been updated. But then just the development build for it has started.

It depends, if the mods have become imcompatible with their previous versions (looks at EE in Technic 6 to 7)

and how long does it take all the mods to be update on average? Do you recall how long the 1.2.5 update took?

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It also depends on if the mods have to port over to a new API. The big mods have ported over to FML (No not fuck my life, Forge modloader!) and now they don't require Modloader, modloaderMP and audiomod. Now that they only require 1 API, the most mods won't have much trouble updating I guess.

Are you talkin about the modding API? Becuase I don't think thats coming till 1.4, unless we are talking some other API!

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So have the majority of the mod devs started the big FML port with the snapshots or are they waiting for the 1.3RC or actual 1.3? Is that a ton of work or is it relatively simple? Will the transition to FML make future updates easier/faster?

Is there a blog/blogs that I should watch for development updates when 1.3 does it, so I (or any of the community) can stay up to date?

Also, I just want to throw a disclaimer. I'm not an impetuous child who can't wait for updates or anything. I'm just try'n to get a grasp of what the development cycle feels like in this community.

Thanks fellers!

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Most mods already have ported over to use FML if they required Forge before. IndustrialCraft 2, BuildCraft 3, Equivalent Exchange 2, RedPower 2... All of those major mods require Forge and if they want to continue to use Forge, they must use FML now, which they do now. Now they don't require modloader, modloaderMP and maybe audiomod. It is all builtin in FML already.

So whenever minecraft updates, MCP gets updated, then the API's get updated and finally if the modders want it, they update the mods.

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