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Need Help Stablizing My Server

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Hey everyone. Well I am running a Tekkit server on a dedicated computer in my house. The computer is running Win7 and has 8gb of ram. Our server has about 6-8 people play on a daily basis and our map is about 2-3week old. I'm using "java -Xmx 7168M -Xms 7168M -jar Tekkit.jar nogui" as my launch code. I was using 7G but was told to use the M conversion for the G... though this doesn't seem to change anything at all.

As of a few days ago the server started spamming "[WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded!" Now, I have seen this a few time before when someone would do a large world edit or if we blow up a lot of the world at one time. Now it gives this about ever 5-10 minutes even when no one is on the server, and about 5 seconds after launching the server. Also, no one can even log into the server anymore, it keep giving "End of Stream" warnings or connection fails but it doesn't give a reason for this.

We aren't running any major plugins and i don't think there are any major machines/factories up and running on the server. I have no idea how to fix this or what could be the reason for these warnings. If someone could give me some advice that would rock.

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You don't need to give it that much memory, not even close for less than 10 people. There is also no reason to start the server on 7GB.

With only 8GB of RAM I'd actually be worried you're starving the OS and that's contributing to the issues. All OS's use free memory to cache commonly used files, which makes accessing them much faster. My guess is since your OS can't do this anymore you're seeing the warnings because of what tekkit perceives as slow disk access.

Drop it down to something like -Xms 2G and -Xmx 4G and see how you go. The end of stream issues could be related to a plugin, at least that'd be where I'd start, remove all the plugins and see if it works again

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like wendo said u are giving your server to much memory one of my admins on my server recently changed my servers memory allocation to 3g out of a 4g server an it made performance very laggy because when more people log on the machine itself needed the ram to handle the players not the tekkit server so id say for 10 people on an 8gb machine give it about 4-5 G or M dont make a diffrence as long as ur running 64 bit java if ur running 32 bit it will make out at 1 anyway

*edit* as for the end of stream check ur firewall settings or even for a few minutes shut ur firewall down just to make sure its not that and of course the most common question of all. are your ports forwarded if ur behind a router

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