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I gotta say Attack of the BTeam is a great, and in my opinion best modpack. But its so old and outdated! Will there be a update for BTeam to fix the bugs and issues of BTEAM? Has anyone hear about maybe an update for BTeam? Like the moods are all outdated and many plugin are not compatible for BTEAM, it's only 1.6.4 when Minecraft is at 1.8.4! When will it ever update, has anyone heard of BTeam updating?

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It will update when all mods are updated.

Currently some mods are still at 1.7.x - Fossils & Archeology, Natura, Weather, Food Plus, Artifice and Tropicraft just to name a few - and aren't updated for 1.8x MC.

There are many users on Platform who have uploaded their versions of "updated" B-team, mostly for 1.7x. Search for them if you want an updated version

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