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Things to do in Tekkik?

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I've done nearly everything humanly possible in Tekkit Classic, so I moved on to Tekkit, the one with the Moon, I'm once again extremly bored. Please Help

Do it all again? Have you built a Space Station? Try a server?

If you have such a cool world, show us some pictures!

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Well, if you're on a private server you could consider picking a fight with somebody? If not on multiplayer then either nuke your base or preserve it. After that find a new world with a new seed and start all over again, maybe you've missed some mods? Or just try out a new modpack. The new Tekkit (With GalactiCraft) is out, and it has a completely new sleeve of mods, and it's in 1.5. It'll be like the time you first logged onto Tekkit, but with new mods, like MineFactory and Modular Powersuits. Also just see how much RM you can get if you don't like these options. Hope you'll get more excitement out of this! :)

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