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Youtuber Tekkit Server (30000 subs tot): DungeCraft - 1080p - Complex Builds - Shenanigans


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[uPDATE - 10/02/12] Server has been reset! New ruleset and focus! [uPDATE]

orediamond.png Tekkit SMP show! orediamond.png

Hey everyone! Nethervoid here with a Tekkit youtube show on my dungeongurunet youtube channel to tell you about. The show and server is called DungeCraft, and it details the adventures of myself, my son Andrewpunk, and other youtubers and fans on the DungeCraft tekkit server. All youtubers on the server will be doing contests on our youtube channels to give out a very limited amount of whitelist slots to loyal fans/subscribers, so check us all out!

orediamond.png How do I join the server? orediamond.png

If you're interested in a whitelist slot, be sure to check out all 4 youtube channels associated with this project: dungeongurunet, JagThunder1, TDKPyrostasis, and SilentMystification. Every youtuber on the server has 3 slots they maintain for loyal fans. We each have contests to give these slots out to our subscribers.

orediamond.png I'm a Youtuber. How do I get in on this project? orediamond.png

Currently all the available youtuber slots are filled until more are opened up or someone leaves. If a spot does open up, we'd be looking for a youtuber who has at least 5k subscribers and 5k+ views / day. (Check socialblade to see your youtube stats. In the URL swap my channel name for yours.)

orediamond.png Episode Highlights orediamond.png

- Setting up your first machines

- Working gate with RedPower frames / frame motors

- Auto geothermal generator lava gathering system (in the nether)

- RedPower auto-sorting and processing system

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