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    The latest version does have quite a bit more functionality.
  2. You don't need to use a sorting machine for a 1:1 item:barrel relationship. Redpower tubes will only output into a valid inventory. Put one of whatever item you want to sort into each barrel. Have a placeholder item (like cobble) in barrels that you can't seed yet. The tubes will only put items into barrels that already have the particular item. Have an overflow chest at the end to catch what doesn't get put into barrels. You can use a panel to cover the bottom side of the barrels if necessary.
  3. /s/thought process of the mob/rules Nobody asked.
  4. You can pretty much be guaranteed that no one will ever give you grief for that here.
  5. CovertJaguar: "In order to receive permission to distribute RailCraft in your new modpack, I'm going to need you to publicly reveal your private communications with the writers of the other mods in your pack." IceWolf: "Well, that's not how we operate because that stuff is private and, you know, none of your damn business. There won't be any of that posted publicly." CovertJaguar: "Then you don't have permission to distribute RailCraft in your modpack." IceWolf: "No problem. We'll take it out." Bytas: "You WILL post that shit publicly because I WANT RAILCRAFT. I want it NOW and I DON'T want to install it myself. Also, you are NOT professional and you SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT run your forums the way YOU want because I KNOW BETTER." I totally made all those quotes up but I think I've described it pretty accurately.
  6. The legitimacy also doesn't jive with the current FTB policy of including RP2 in private modpacks. They assume that Eloraam's posted mod compilation policy gives carte blanche for RP2 to be included until she says otherwise. I wonder what Sengir would say about that.
  7. The proper response to that is to ignore it.
  8. If ya kill 'em, they don't learn nothin'.
  9. This is the breeder I'm using: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/v3/reactorplanner.html?pvnpvubpujjlty7bb7wscbtdvmu6x8dty2rqubxm7xtfmg1g55hj3bjf34e8ly4aba4vpbxkbdgo8lz30 The planner lies, though. It actually puts out 10 EU/t rather than 5. Stole it from somewhere but damned if I can remember. After building these two, I'm woefully short on copper so I don't think I'll be expanding the breeder anytime soon.
  10. Using the layout DW20 used in Season 3 SMP: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/v3/reactorplanner.html?21p7ds7vmlpuugevixzfassk3rrpkq6s0chuzcn6pw5iwcv9l17gdfus1kstulqxgigg1zl73grp1q8 Mark I-EA, 64M EU/cycle (320 EU/t), have it rigged to auto-shutoff once the MFSUs are full.
  11. Bandwagoning anti-Technic rage?
  12. If you really want to know, you should ask them. (hint: you won't get an answer)
  13. Doesn't matter - the duck is incompatible with Babbage's Analytical Engine.
  14. By crum! You sure showed us! Well played, sir! Those two things are exactly the same!
  15. Not for nothing but I don't see anything in that user's post history that qualifies as 'trolling'. He strongly disagreed with several people to be sure but that does not a troll make.
  16. That was a troll by Slowpoke on his own users. Clearly, he has his users' best interests at heart. Also, it has as much veracity as anything else he utters.
  17. vibur


    Yeah. Don't get me wrong - I think the decorative stuff looks really good and I have it installed just for that. I'm just saying that there's not much else to it and it seems like vaporware at this point. But enough about RichardG.
  18. vibur


    All the mod does right now is add ores that serve no purpose other than decoration (despite looking cool) and make grass drop corn which can be cooked into popcorn.
  19. They did a fantastic job of replicating it then.
  20. Well, I'm fairly sure he's not because I'm fairly sure that the FTB Launcher is based on MultiMC. I don't get why his question is ridiculous and yours isn't. That's not to say either is ridiculous. I just don't see an increase in the level of ridiculousness by transposing two proper names.
  21. I totally see what you did there. People, this is proof that Markarthian = Direwolf20
  22. I can confirm this. Before my earlier reply, I checked his post history because the name sounded familiar. He had at least 4 I-don't-want/mean-to-start-drama-but posts. Good riddance.
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