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Im Looking to be of help to a server

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--Minecraft IGN: XxLazorBotxX

--Why would you try to be apart of staff team and how would you help the server?:

I'm 17 with advanced communication skills looking for a great community to be apart of.

--What is your experience level?:

Well, as of now i've been the "Operator" rank (as you may call it) at least 11 times. That includes being able to see the owner's desktop and control his/her's files.

As for Admin/mod i've been those ranks way too many times. Maybe 50/51 times. I really lost coun't after 48.

--Are you mature enough to help other's be successful?:

Yes. I wouldn't conclude other's potential to a certain age but like before i am as of now; 17 years old.


(((((Thank you for you're consideration)))))

My email is: [email protected] [I use it often so i will reply!]

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Server board is where server advertisement belongs, nothing else. This is else

Server owners should not be looking for you, no matter how special of a snowflake you believe you are

you look for a server and contact its staff if they are interested in having an extra operator.

"admin/mod too many times" :words:

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