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[1.7.10] [PVE] [100 Slots] Pika Pixelmon [NO WHITELIST] [CONTESTS, FUN] [FRIENDLY STAFF!!!]

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Who Are We?

Good question! We are a group of individuals who have been hosting Minecraft Servers  for quite a while now. We have an experienced staff who have all had a hand in running our very successful server group called Five Kingdoms. We've decided to press on to more updated bases, and thus, Pika Pixelmon is born!

What Is Our theme?

Mainly, our theme is that we are reliable, professional, friendly and run a
 stable lag-free server network!

Our server is a Towny Role-Play Server,our mission with this server is to develope it more as we go along based on the community's feedback. Our goal of creating this server was to make a large and great community where people can come and have plenty of fun! So, we've decided that we'd do our best to make sure to do just that! So, if you want to join and not miss out on any of the action then make sure to hop in and have fun!

We continually run custom trivia, mini-games, competitions and give random reward items to our players. You won't find a server that appreciates players as much as we do!
Finally, your suggestions on our forums are our driving force as we move forward and build the community together.  Best of luck to you on your journey!


Why Choose Us?


We are undoubtedly the fastest and most original and in-depth Pixelmon server around. Why play with us over all of the other Pixelmon servers you see available? Well, we are glad you asked!


99.9% Uptime GUARANTEED

Lagless Fun

No Surprise Resets

Seasoned and Friendly Adult Staff

Unique Gameplay Experience

Custom Plugins

Active Teamspeak Server

Not Pay To Win

Challenging and Fun

Epic Hardware

Contests and Games

No Banned/Restricted Items


Whether you want to dominate the market, collect pokemon, or have an adventure, our server is DEFINITELY for you! If you want to play Pixelmon the way it was intended, why not come by the original PikaPixelmon.com server and see what all the noise is about!

Ip- Play.pikapixelmon.com

Website- http://www.pikapixelmon.com/

Modpack- Pika Pixelmon 

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