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Project Roleplay 7 Dayz to Mine Server - Unofficial Server

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​Project Roleplay 7 Dayz to Mine Server



PRP 7 Dayz to Mine is a unoffical server, which is whitelisted. PRP is looking for players that are interested in apocalyptic RPG. This modpack has a huge amount of mods that include new mobs, pre generated structures, guns, vehicles such as planes, helicopters, tanks, and cars, and so much more. The modpack is on the unofficial technic modpack list. After downloading it make sure you go to modpack options, click specific version, and use the latest ultra version, if you don't you will not be able to join the server due to a bug which the mudpack creator should be fixing. To get whitelisted add me on Skype at corner.back.mike and if you need help with he modpack I will help you.



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