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Smeltery is acting really weird


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So I've been using my smeltery a lot, and I had a lot of smelted ores in there. It was scaled down in the controller so that you can see all of your contents, but then I open it up and it was super big and filled up the whole screen. All I can see is all of my iron. When I try to take a bunch of my iron out so I can see my other stuff, the controller goes (or looks like it goes) empty. When I put my iron back in, it shows up again. Please help I would like to not have to break my controller and lose all of my stuff.

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Sounds like something has become corrupted in the smeltery/controller. Storing massive amounts of molten fluids in the smeltery is ill advised. You might have to break it and replace things creatively in order to protect your world.

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