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Fixing Ores from a map import.

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So, I recently replaced my vanilla minecraft server world into a new tekkit server. And after the headache that that caused, I finally get on to go mining and realized that none of the unique ores are in the ground or the gems, etc. And I understand, it generates a world, and when I generated it, it was in vanilla not tekkit, hence no ores. But I was wondering, is there a way to have it re-generate the ores/mines/everything underground? I have gone this far without cheating in the game and really want to work towards getting some of the end game items without cheating. It'd be nice to be able to build everything :P

TL;DR - Is there a command for the server or a way to make it re-generate all the underground minable stuff without losing all the work everyone has on the surface. Thanks.

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Ok, just double checking I'll be doing this correctly.

Start my current world, MCEdit Copy from two set points in the world. Then stop the server. Delete the world file, start the server again, allow it to generate a new world. Then use the paste command? I'm just surprised that the Tekkit world will keep the clipboard stuff from world to world is all.

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First of all make a backup of your world!!

I haven't use MCEdit myself, but from what I gather: You create your new world map with tekkit, then completely stop the server. Then you open your old world with MCEdit, copy the part you want, open the new world with MCEdit, paste the copied part, and save.

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You have two options, depending on your copy/paste size...

  1. SMALL PASTE - If you want to copy while in-world, use WorldEdit to create a schematic file (see WorldEdit wiki if you aren't familiar). Then pull up your new world and insert the schematic.
  2. BIG PASTE - Copy as stated above, then download and open your new world in MCEdit (external world editor) and paste the schematic in.

If you attempt to paste a large area while in-game, expect either the server to crash or to lock-up for quite awhile. Any large editing tasks is always prefered to be handled in MCEdit, not in-game.


Also, WorldEdit has an option to delete chunks while in-game and regenerate. You can attempt this, but BE SURE you have a backup before doing so. The newly re-generated chunks would use Tekkit's generator and include the new ores, but I've had issues with regenerating chunks and having really strange things happen throughout my world.

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