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An issue with Hexxit


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Hello, I have an issue.

I was trying to load up Hexxit, but it wouldn't. Then the modpack was deleted and I'm like, "Okay, something's going wrong." I try reinstalling it and it says that it had trouble deleting DamageIndicators from the cache. I want all of my information back because I had really good progress on the world and now I can't even reinstall hexxit. Any way I can retrieve all of my lost information back? I'm really worried that I'll have to delete technic and restart all over again.

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the world is saved in the saves folder

Search -> %appdata% -> Roaming -> .technic -> modpacks -> Hexxit -> saves

the save file should still be in there. The launcher doesn't (/shouldn't) delete files. Always backup your save files

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Okay, that wasn't it. Turns out the modpack deleted itsself and all of its saves.

I did back up my save file and I'm so glad that I did. The reason for this is that there was a hidden java window linked to tekkit open. The files had to be recovered for me to reinstall Hexxit again.

Thanks for the advice.

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