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Tekkit crash ( I hope this is an acceptable area to post this.)


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My teckkit client crashes on local world load.
Right before this crashed, I was running computer craft and trying out a lua web browser script.
I closed it. I started lagging accidentally broke the advanced computer and lagged for a few more seconds, and eventually froze. My computer became unresponsive, I couldn't even drop down a run levelĀ and I would assume java was just eating all the available resources.

Crash report below:

If anyone can suggest a fix, or a dirrection to go, I would appreciate it.

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Adititional information: I tried to move the player with MCEdit, to see if that might make a positive difference. I could not. I got an error.

Error durring <function mouseDown at 0x7fd3517c7c08>:
NBTFormatEror('Asked to load root tag of zero length',)

I am not sure if this is significant or not, but it is more information.

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That isn't related to ComputerCraft other than a CC incduced crash possibly causing the DimDoors data to become corrupted. You may need to remove the DimDoors data from your world save in order to get it working again.

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