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Power link question

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Err.. what is it? Can't find much about it on Wiki

I understand that they are (or have) done away with electric engines (shame).

So I need to power my quarry with something else - preferable not coal powered, as I don't have a lot of that around.

Can I run the quarry on oil converted to fuel? Can't find the crafting for a petrol engine anywhere.

(I realise it will probably need cooling etc)


Steve Mod Edit: Don't sign your posts.

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Thanks Wendo. I Googled for a few hours last night and sussed a few things out.

A complete Tekkit guide would be SO helpful, there are so many aspects to it and trying to work them out from snippets here and there is long hard work.

I still have not worked out what can be switched on or off with a remote redstone signal.... I believe an MFSU can, what else? Generators? Nothing seems to happen when I try.

Point taken... and I won't do it... but why no post signing?

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