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TekkitCity [Tekkit Classic 3.1.2] Survival/Towny/Economy/Mob Arena


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Welcome to TekkitCity! We are a Tekkit Classic Survival server with Towny!

SERVER IP: play.tekkitcity.com

**NOTE: We now have jobs! Pick up to 3 jobs per player, for all ranks!

Few of our rules are: Don't be rude to other players, no exploits/hacks of any kind, no griefing, no duping. Red matter factory's welcome!

We do have a grief prevention plugin, which means you can protect your land! We also have no restrictions on MK's!

We have a in game lottery where players can buy tickets and stand a chance to win BIG! The tickets are only $500 IGM! Please extra cash prizes!

Keep inventory is ON! We have a random TP + CHEAP donor ranks!

We have great kits for ALL ranks! Custom nicks can also be unlocked!

We also have a player mall, so players can rent out shops and sell items to other players!

Friendly and helpful staff :)

A voting reward system is in place, so you get FREE rewards, cash and claim blocks when voting!!

There are a great selection of plugins installed + much more!! Come join us and see what you're missing out on!




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