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Home security issues!

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I have a security issue! Mobs seem to get in my house, despite the fact it is walled by marble brick, and also has a marble brick floor running an extra layer below. There is no dirt connected to the house.

The roof is wood planks, and windows are filled with glass.

The doors are wood, and only activated with pressure plates internally.

How are spiders and others getting in?

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Yes, it's depended on the lighting. If the light level drops below level 8, then there is a chance that hostile mobs will spawn. That can happen everywhere. You'd better do some lighting indeed. ;) If sunlight is falling on the spawning block, it decreases the chance even more that hostile mobs will spawn. (Up to 50%)

You can see your light level by pressing F3. Don't panic, there will be much information but where you are looking for is the "rl" value. The line looks something like this:

lc: 79 b: Plains bl: 10 sl: 0 rl: 6

(Don't look at those values I wrote, those will be different depending where you standing in the game. It's only an example so you know where to look.)

Just walk around and place light until it's light level 8 or above and you should be fine from then on. I hope this answers your question. ;)

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I guessed it might be a light issue but that specific information about light level is very interesting and I didn't know that. So for this I am genuinely grateful.

Before reading this I went a bit light mad so will check later but will be amazed if any part of the residence is anywhere near 8 now lol

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