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[1.2.9f] DreamCraft [Towny, Survival] [35 slots] [Open Server] [No Myst, No Dim Doors] "If You Build It, They Will Come ..."


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 What makes DreamCraft Different?  It brings the old minecraft ideal of BUILDING beautiful builds to the newer TEKKIT automation awesomeness! Each Warp has a unique theme with TONS of places to invesitgate!  We ENCOURAGE people to open chests and doors and look for loot all over the server!  There is TREASURE in plain sight and hidden!  Have you got the adventurous spirit?  Are you ready to ADVENTURE and risk danger for reward ... then come check us out! Do you want to build your own amazing town and know that your scenery out your front door is preserved?  Then you came to the right place!  Our protection plugin is Towny and it supports the tekkit machines and every town creating a secure environment for players to build in! Towns VANISH that don't pay taxes ... so there are ALWAYS more places to build and room for one more player. In-game tutorials are very descriptive and we want every player to suceed and have a fair shot at success! While we do offer a Donor Rank for fun things like chat color, nicknames and hats ... What does this mean?  EVERY player has a fair and equal shot at success on DreamCraft!  Donate because you LOVE the server, not so you can buy power!  The most incredible thing about this young server is the FANTASTIC COMMUNITY!  Friendly, helpful and dedicated, the community truly makes DreamCraft an amazing place to visit and stay!  Dedicated owners have spent a lot of time creating a server with a wonderful community, fair economy, equal opportunity and tons of options to build and explore! Family Friendly ... Fun and nothing like you have seen in a LONG time ... Come Check out DreamCraft! Yes, we have some Banned Items, items used for duping, are able to bypass permissions or are detrimental to a multi-player server are BANNED! We offer alternatives whenever possible.  We are a PvP server so it will not be easy ... but we GUARANTEE fun! DreamCraft is built to last and we plan to only reset our Resource World/Nether Maps ... Come here to find your newest Minecraft Home! A new concept of Survival meets Adventure! Our informative website keeps players up to date as to any changes or occurrences: http://www.DreamCrafters2015.enjin.com (Towny; Minecraft 1.6.4; Tekkit 1.2.9f; 24/7 uptime; friendly players; MCJobs) Owners Caveman2001 and Kalleigh6694 look forward to meeting you!  See a short YouTube Promo at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu63KpLdbmc


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Server has grown and changed
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I would recommend this server for the players that want to build great things. The town plug in they have worked on is the best I have ever seen. Also we have a great community with lots of towns. 

Thanks Fate

Ps My town wants u 


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