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opening the right .class file

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i want to open the itemArmorQuantumSuit.class file in the ic2.zip but i cant seem to open it. i tried to open it with notepad++ and eclipse but it wont work. i know that i need to use a decompiler to open a downloaded .jar file but how do i open a .class file? i want to completely remove the quantum chestplate.

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You need a decompiler to make .class files readable, not to open .jars. .jars are glorified zip files. A .class is a compiled java file. To look at the original source code, you'll need a decompiler, something like jd-gui. To edit a .class file, you'll need a hex editor of some kind. Finally, if you're looking to get rid of the quantum chestplate (for what reason, I'd be interested to know), you probably want to find where IC2 registers the block and declares the recipe. This is usually in the mod_ class, but the more complex/larger mods tend to have a more complex directory structure.

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