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Transporter Plugin

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in case you're not familiar:http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/transporter/#w-documentation-links

i've had it working on previous tekkit builds, but can't seem to get it working on the new server build for the life of me. all of my commands work, but none of the portals register.

anyone else using this plugin running into the same issue?

only inconsistency i've noticed so far was that when i try to build a booth portal the glowstone comes in as obsidian.

i'd love to be able to use this plugin again. server to server portals are really neat.

*crosses fingers for it to be included in future tekkit releases.*

edit: nvm. think i figured it out. i guess this goes to anyone having the same issue:

in the materials.txt in the transporter folder;

the data value of the sign probably needs to be changed to fit tekkit.

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Exactly what I was looking for, didn't know it was possible, so we won't need to have permission for everyone to use warps, we could setup portals the player can cross it and it will teleport between lands on the main world, can't wait to try it out, just hope it works well with the 3.0.4 server edition.

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