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Hello! My name is DaleLeif and I am here on behalf of a new tekkit classic idea. An experienced friend and i are opening a new tekkit classic servers, at this moment in time we have limited funds to be able to pay for it. We are in need of a investor. There are more details on this below.

The server idea is to have Tekkit classic, 1.2.5MC bungee accross different servers to create a marvelous tekkit classci experience. The survival server is alreayd half complete and the factions server will be up and runninn not long after that one is complete also.

Investor details:

Approx money per month to start(Upgrades may occur the more income the server brings): $30/month
Investor will get complete control of ideas for the server and will get  aunique investor rank(Or another rank which can easily be agreed upon.)
Fully staffed server with an experienced owner and myself, an interesting and unique tekkit classic builder.
Investors will hold the right to drop out at any time if he/she feels they are not on track to recieve their money back

We are sophisticated players who take investors and money very seriously. It will take a little time to recieve money back but after players join and start playing on the server, income will soon follow.

There are also different options an investor can take such as paying a little extra for bonus perks to help get players and make the server ultimately better.

If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me on skype. We are in need of your assistance and can't wait to work with you. This is a fantastic opportunity for all those who like playing tekkit classic and want some extra money.

My skype is: dale-muller (the one with the little message as "Needing Help :)"


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Basically, you want someone else to pay for your fun? No one is going to do that. Asking for money for in-game advantages is one thing (and still shady), but to ask for others to  fund your pet project from the start? Greedy McGreedster.

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