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The server requires you to have the following mods

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So i started renting a second server today just for some survival tekkit with a few friends

I installed tekkit but whenever we try to connect we get this:


I have tried alot of things, and i noticed there was a .minecraft folder and also .techniclauncher folder so i tried copy pasting the mods from tekkit in techniclauncher folder to the mods in .minecraft

Then i started getting errors that id's were already in use and i've changed like 10 id's already but still, there is always some other thing with same id

I need some help please!

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Same problem, I have tried everything, it won't even load the mods in single player.

I have found a solution which works for me and my friends now

I just moved all files from .techniklauncher/tekkit to my .minecraft folder, just overwrite when it asks you to and that should work :)

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Delete your .techniclauncher folder, then start techniclauncher and redownload tekkit.male sure you have the proper version as the server you want to join

I did that 10 times but the solution i posted above seems to work :)

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I will try your method Soulbeat, I don't see how that would effect anything but I am willing to try anything and if it doesn't work it's not that hard to go back to vanilla. I will post results after my attempt.

I have spent like several hours trying some hard things but then also the simple things, i also thought it wouldnt work with it but it worked :) Gave the method to 2 friends who had this problem too and both worked :) just copy paste the files from tekkit folder into .minecraft and it should work

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