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Dvorak Problems


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I don't like QWERTY. Hate the thing. I use Left Handed Dvorak for all the things. I type faster on it. I even got College to order in a keyboard with equal sized keys so I can have Dvorak. But I have to rebind the damn thing every time. New modpack? Two hours rebinding. New game? Rebinding. Apparently it's too hard for some to understand I use Q_KC to move instead of WASD. Any suggestions?

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My suggestion would be to do some research before committing to a joke.

EDIT: What. There's a specific left-handed keyboard for DVORAK.
That alone should be reason enough to switch to QWERTY. 

I stand corrected. This was no joke. This was serious. And my response - switching to QWERTY - is equally serious. @[email protected]

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QWERTY is too mainstream, though.

It took me 7 years of my life to learn QWERTY.

Learned LH Dvorak in half an hour. No, I shouldn't see why I should change. Everyone else should.

Here, look for yourself, no joke. This is genuinely my keyboard layout. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wp481f2ikjkdwtz/20150714_211212.jpg?dl=0


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